How to evaporate the Dutch Spirit Herbs

The Dutch Spirit Herbs can also be evaporated with an evaporator, so that the ethereal oils of the herbs can be inhaled, like farmer Jan from Volendam is doing with the Volcano balloon.

Dutch Spirit Herbs

This is the most clean way to get the magic of the herbs into your physical system for a better health of all the organs mentioned on the different chakra packages. So to create a healthy torso like farmer Jan!

The temperature for evaporating the Dutch Spirit Herbs is about 140 degrees celsius (for the Volcano button number 4). A great advantage of taking the power of the herbs into your system through evaporating is, that you get the essence of the herbs into your lungs without tar or carbon-monoxide.

With Fu Shi and the daily cycle of 24 hours (see one can see that the inner organs have their own special time (for about 2 hours) during the day and night! So the Dutch Spirit Chakra Herbs can be used at a special time of the day or evening. A good website to compare the offers of different evaporators is Vaporizerblog or