How to brew a great Dutch Spirit Tea

To make a great tea one needs of course Dutch Spirit natural herbs and hot “clean alive” water. The water needs to be hot, more than 80 degrees celsius and less than 100 degrees. Simmers the herbs for about 10 minutes is this water. You can even make a mix of all the Dutch Spirit Chakra herbs together and let this cool down for breakfast the next morning.

The quantity of the herbs is important. A small hand (about 2 grams) is good for 2 cups of tea! The best way to let simmer the herbs is in an clay or ceramic tea pot so that the herbs can swim freely but you also buy empty tea bags! If needed one can add some bio-honey, when the water temperature is under 45 degrees!

The best time to drink this magic cup of tea is in the morning, before and during breakfast, in the afternoon (Happy hour during the Chinese goat time, from about 15.00 till 17.00 hour) and 2 hours before sleep.

In the “Human Body Energy Clock” the inner organs have their own special time. Note that 5 AM is Sunrise; 11 AM Sun highest; 5 PM Sunset and 11 PM is Sun lowest! So during summertime in the West the hours can differ a lot. Sunset can even be around 10 PM in the North! So f.i. the heart chakra tea works best during 11 AM and 1 PM.

body energy clock

For more information you can look at our website “Fu Shi and the daily cycle of 24 hours”

Sarvamangalam (all sentient beings are happy).
Swami Deva Manoj